Igor Ponochevnyi was born on October 15, 1967 in Penza, accidentally. In 1971 he transferred (to Leningrad, today’s St. Petersburg, where he was learning the craft of drawing since childhood. Graduated from Serov Art School.

In 2014, the next day after the Crimea occupation, he gave birth to a 7-year-old boy named Alesha Stupin from Reutovo, now infamous for his patriotic drawings. Then he quit his day job, started a blog and began publishing short stories on acute issues: political satire, love and romance, and fantasy of the absurd.

He has authored two books of short stories, a novella and an Alesha Stupin’s art album. He also writes a regular column for the Israeli magazine Beseder, with illustrations. Currently, he is hiding from the Russian authorities in San Francisco of the USA.


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