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Dear Facebook Executives, Directors and Shareholders

I apologize for this unsolicited letter, and for the dozens of similar letters that you are about to receive regarding the Russian Government’s control of Facebook content.
What we are witnessing today is an age long struggle of Good versus Evil, of Truth versus Lies, and of Freedom versus Enslavement. The Kremlin propaganda machine is spending millions of dollars to silence the few brave voices of truth and reason that oppose Vladimir Putin’s regime.
Facebook has become the premier Russian language platform for discussion and for sharing news and information for Russian speakers worldwide. However, because of the relentless activity of the Russian FB users who are paid by the Kremlin to suppress information, the few Russian voices of opposition, whether they are based in Russia or abroad, are being silenced.
Facebook’s Community Standards are reasonable. However, those brave Russian language bloggers who are being attacked and blocked by the Kremlin are NOT violating FB Standards. These dozens of intellectuals, writers, poets, artists, politicians, dissidents, bloggers and plain patriots are being blocked in an organized attempt to keep the truth about Russia and Putin hidden from the wider Russian population and the rest of the world.
While I am aware that DST Global, owned by Putin’s friend and billionaire business partner, Alisher Usmanov, had a 10% share in Facebook, and we understand that numerous Mail.ru Russian employees are now working as Facebook Moderators in Ireland, I am still surprised that FB has NOT undertaken any action to remedy this injustice.
I am confident that you are aware of the Kremlin’s suppression of truth and dissent. I assume you read the mainstream press about Facebook’s bias (articles in Reuters, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, the Telegraph, Anonymous, etc). I know that you have received countless complaints from your users, and even from the Ukrainian government.
Americans value freedom of expression. Facebook is an American company created to facilitate open communication between users around the world. Therefore, we hope that you have similar values and you support Truth, Justice and American Way. Consequently, we are puzzled and frustrated by your apparent lack of response.
Respectfully I urge you to allocate several POLITICALLY NEUTRAL Russian language moderators to review all blocks of popular Russian language bloggers, and in particular, Игорь Поночевный, https://facebook.com/ponochevnyy, a Russian writer, painter, artist and blogger, in order to ensure that the same FB Community Standards fairly apply to all. Igor’s blog is a breath of fresh air and a great source of highly intelligent and entertaining essays, philosophy, observation and humor.
Thank you for your time and thank you for creating the best platform for free exchange of information and ideas. I am available to answer questions or to provide any supporting documentation that you may require to take action.
Respectfully Yours,

Russian language Facebook user


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